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Gregory Brooks Presents at AMC Institute Annual Meeting

This February, AMC Source Co-Presidents, Debra S. Nolan, CAE, IOM and Gregory Brooks, traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada for the AMC Institute’s 2024 Annual Meeting. This landmark annual event is designed to provide opportunities for Association Management Companies (AMCs), like AMC Source, to learn, share and grow. This year, the in-person meeting took place at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino with about 300 association professionals in attendance.

Gregory Brooks and Panelists at AMC Institute Annual Meeting

As part of the three-day event’s action packed agenda, Brooks moderated a panel session focused on the accreditation study group model. The session, titled “The Reality of Our Experiences: Start, Pause, Start, Succeed,” was expected to attract 12 attendees, the room was flooded by about 40 professionals eager to learn more about the power of the accreditation study group. The burgeoning interest in this session reflects increasing interest in AMCI accreditation, a prestigious credential maintained by only about 82 of 500-plus AMCs worldwide. AMCs who achieve this accreditation have demonstrated significant investment in meeting and exceeding the requirements set forth in the Standard of Good Practices for the Association Management Industry. These standards, developed by the AMC Institute under the guidance of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), are designed to collectively enhance management practices across AMCs and to assist professional AMCs in the establishment of internal quality service systems. In March of 2021, AMC Source earned AMCI Accreditation, a process explained in detail in this blog post

Gregory Brooks Presents at AMC Institute Annual Meeting

A key component of AMC Source’s long, rigorous, and successful accreditation journey was the decision to join forces with other AMCs for mutual support and collaboration. Together, AMC Source, Q&A Business Solutions, and Impact Association Management, formed an extremely productive Accreditation Work Group and each obtained this elite credential. The model was so successful that the Institute chose to formalize it through the efforts of the Accreditation Standards Committee on which Brooks of AMC Source and Beth Quick-Andres of Q&A Business Solutions served in 2022. During this formalization process, Work Group #2 was established, with six AMCs participating.

The “Accreditation Bonus Session” that Brooks moderated at AMCI 2024 turned the spotlight to Work Group #2, which has been mentored by members of the first group. Two members of the current study group have achieved accreditation and the others are actively working toward the review stage. Panelists and representatives of Group #2 AMCs included Alex Bazan of Delta Management Group; Camria Happ, MPA, CAE of Barcami Lane, Inc.; JoAnn Tale of Global Management Solutions; Lane Till, IOM of Capture Management Solutions; and Ginger Phillips-Schiller EDD, CMM of AMC Solutions by Arden. AMCs who are interested in joining the next Work Group are encouraged to contact AMCI for more details.

Visit the AMC Institute Tag on our blog to learn more about AMC Source’s engagement with AMCI, including AMC Source’s attendance at AMCI’s “AMCs Engaged!” and last year’s AMCI Annual Meeting.

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