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AMC Source Models an Accreditation Work Group

At AMC Source, we believe in teamwork, because it really does make the dream work - and not just within our own team! As part of AMC Source's long and rigorous accreditation process with the AMC Institute, which concluded with successful accreditation in March of 2021, our team joined forces with leadership of other AMCs to provide mutual support and collaboration. In partnership with Q&A Business Solutions and Impact Association Management, AMC Source Co-Presidents Nolan and Brooks met all of the timelines and requirements of accreditation in a 12-month period of time. After such a productive team experience throughout this process, Brooks, along with Beth Quick Andrews of Q&A Business Solutions, began leading the Institute's efforts to formalize an Accreditation Work Group Model as part of their roles on the Institute's Accreditation Standards Committee.

Learn more about the group's takeaways and vision for the future of accreditation here.

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