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AMC Source Attends 2023 AMC Institute (AMCI) Annual Meeting

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

This January, AMC Source Co-Presidents, Debra S. Nolan, CAE, IOM and Gregory Brooks, attended the 2023 AMC Institute (AMCI) Annual Meeting. The event, which was designed to provide opportunities for AMCs to learn, share, and grow, took place in Orlando, Florida at the beautiful Caribe Royale Resort. Given that 19% of associations are now being managed by Association Management Companies, a figure that is expected to increase to 50% by 2035, AMC-focused events like the AMCI Annual Meeting create space for optimization of the industry as a whole.

Topics addressed throughout the event ranged from Accreditation to Talent Acquisition and Communication to Governance, providing numerous opportunities for idea generation, lively group discussions, and

updates on the state of the industry. The dynamic delivery of content involved multiple keynote presentations, open forums, HIITs (High Intensity Interval Training sessions), and living room style open discussion breakout sessions. When asked about he value of the event, Brooks stated, “There were several opportunities to connect with peers during meals, breaks and activities. One-on-one brainstorming is priceless. We strengthened existing relationships and developed new relationships with both AMCs and business partners such as convention bureaus, hospitality professionals, and technology companies.” Nolan agreed with Brooks’s assessment and added, “In addition to the professional development offerings, being in community with colleagues to discuss best practices is my favorite aspect of this event.”

AMC Source's ongoing relationship with the AMC Institute further enriches events like this. Learn about Brooks’s recent role on AMCI’s Accreditation and Standards Committee and AMC Source’s March 2021 accreditation through AMCI.

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