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FSAE Recognizes AMC Source Co-President with Award of Excellence

AMC Source Co-President, Gregory Brooks, is honored to be recognized by his peers at the Florida Society of Association Executives with the Award of Excellence as part of FSAE's 2022 Leadership Awards. FSAE presents it's leadership awards annually in recognition of association professionals for their leadership, dedication, and professionalism both within FSAE as well as their own organizations. Brooks was nominated by his peers and selected for the award by committee-review according to strict criteria for his long-time, dedicated membership, volunteerism, and leadership.

The award was presented to Brooks at this year's FSAE annual conference in July by Chair, Marsha Kiner, MS, CAE, DPL, and again by Immediate Past-Chairperson, Gail Siminovsky,. CAE. "These awards recognize the honorees' unwavering engagement in and dedication at the highest level to the association management industry," said Kiner, "They are the best in our profession, and they deserve these honors." The AMC Source team is proud to congratulate Brooks for this tremendous achievement and ongoing leadership in association management.

Brooks's roster of leadership and investment in the association community spans many years and many titles, including,

You can learn more about AMC Source's involvement in the association community on our blog.

Brooks, along with the AMC Source team, continually appreciates FSAE's volunteer leadership for all they do for the association management profession. We encourage you to visit FSAE's recent news post to learn about each of the winners and their outstanding achievements in the association community. From our entire team at AMC Source, congratulations to all of the Leadership Award recipients!

The Florida Society of Association Executives is one of several AMC Source professional membership organizations, that provides access to the latest association management expertise. To learn more about AMC Source’s memberships and affiliations, visit today! To learn more about FSAE events and membership, visit


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