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Association Executive, Celeste Isacco, earns PMP Certification

Celeste Isacco

AMC Source warmly congratulates Association Executive, Celeste Isacco, on recently earning her Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification.  This prestigious credential identifies Celeste as one who is “skilled at managing the people, processes, and business priorities of professional projects” (PMI, 2024). Candidates who pass examination are validated for exceptional skill in motivating teams, dynamically selecting project-appropriate planning methods, and highlighting connections between project success and impact on strategic goals. “The most rewarding part of the PMP is seeing that project management philosophy is relevant in all aspects of our world,” said Celeste, “In every field, from construction to not-for-profit to convention planning, there is a process to streamline your work and bring everything together.”

The rigorous certification process requires candidates to pass a 180-question exam relating to realistic project management scenarios. When asked why she embarked on this challenging journey, Celeste shared, “My life has been full of projects, big and small, and I love planning and bringing them to fruition.” She continued, “With my green belt in Six Sigma and my love of efficiency and processes, this was an excellent way for me to level up in my goals and come to the next level.” Celeste went on to explain that association management involves a significant number of opportunities to collaborate in project management capacities. She expressed that she hopes this credential maximizes her ability to provide the efficiency, productivity, and performance baseline to all her client projects.

We asked Celeste what her next goal is and she explained that she looks forward to diving deeper in her relationship with the Project Management Institute, the organization who issued the PMP. She also intends to learn more about integration of artificial intelligence in project management. Lastly, she shared her appreciation for her husband, Dr. Anthony Isacco, and her girls, Sophia, Claire, Gianna, and Monica, from whom she received support during the preparation for the PMP classes and exam.

At AMC Source, we are extremely honored to work with high-quality association professionals like Celeste. We invite you to learn more about our outstanding team and their impressive credentials by visiting the Our Team page of our website.


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