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Association Executive, Dr. Christina E. Stephens, QAS, earns PhD

Dr. Christina Stephens

AMC Source warmly congratulates Association Executive, Dr. Christina E. Stephens, QAS, on recently earning her Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) in Digital and Strategic Communication with a focus on Organizational Communication. This credential is added to Dr. Stephens’s many impressive educational achievements, including dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Management of Information Systems and Business Management with a specialty in Hospitality, and a Master of Arts degree in Integrated Marketing Communication. Dr. Stephens has been a leader in the strategic growth of companies for over 20 years.  Her experience working for international organizations such as Darden Restaurants, Walt Disney World Resort, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and Marriott International laid the foundations of a skillset which has equipped her to help businesses of all sizes and from all industries around the world. She is also a published author of a children’s book titled “Up the Forest Stream – Achievement-Based Conversations.”  Her key industry skills are Marketing and Communications, Team and Talent Development, Leadership, Finance and Budgeting, International Hospitality Operations and Events, and Brand Strategy.

Dr. Stephens is a firm believer in the commitment to never stop learning, and she models this belief in her personal and professional life. In 2020, all over the world, people decided to learn something new or hone a new skill. Dr. Stephens decided to do the same by continuing her education with a more formal approach. “Honestly, the mental fortitude required to complete a doctorate in the United States should be more documented and discussed than the actual learnings themselves,” she shared with the AMC Source team, “I am proud of myself for actually reaching out for support and leaning on the wisdom of others who had been through the process.” Dr. Stephens noted that the doctoral persistence rate of black female candidates in the United States is 30%, and that it is deeply rewarding to be amongst that statistic. She added, “If anything, having a doctorate shows clients and potential partners that I have grit. It means that I can be objective and make well-founded decisions since those are critical skills in obtaining a doctorate.” 

Just as Dr. Stephens has leveraged her robust education and experience for world-class association management since she joined our team in April of 2023, we have every confidence she will do so with this new knowledge and skill. “When it comes to my work with associations and AMC clients, many of them are highly educated, as well, so it gives me an edge on credibility in the room,” she noted. Dr. Stephens’s next goal is to enjoy the “Dr.” title as she works on another children’s book. She also aspires to pursue a higher association executive credential when she is eligible in a few more years.

In response to this phenomenal accomplishment, Laura Caputo, J.D., another AMC Source Association Executive and longtime friend and colleague of Dr. Stephens, shared her admiration with our team, 

Christina’s gears are always turning. In fact, when looking up ‘critical thinker’ in the dictionary, one should find a photo of her face. I am blessed to call her a friend for the last 20 years. I admire her deeply because when she says she is going to achieve some fantastic goal, she actually does it. Furthermore, she is a pleasure to work with.”

Dr. Stephens has expressed heartfelt appreciation for those who have supported her on this journey: “I am a woman of faith and so I give gratitude to never having to do anything alone and having a strong family and friend support system.” At AMC Source we are committed to providing a supportive, family culture that inspires and supports every member of our team as they pursue excellence. We are thrilled to celebrate this achievement of Dr. Stephens’ and do not doubt there will be many more to come.

To learn more about Dr. Stephens and the rest of our amazing team of association professionals, visit the Our Team page of our website.


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