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Looking Back at Fall 2022: AMC Source attends AMC Institute Regional Event

On October 5, 2022, AMC Source Co-Presidents, Debra S. Nolan, CAE, IOM and Gregory Brooks, attended the AMC Institute's Regional Event in Tallahassee, Florida along with 30 other colleagues from around the country. This event was designed to provide AMCs and association leaders in the region with "the latest information, education, and networking opportunities to gain knowledge, share expertise, and engage their members in meaningful activities and help grow their businesses" (AMCI, 2022). The day consisted of a full agenda of discussions on the future of association management, including a welcome and wellness session, a guide to agile marketing, discussions on governance, a helpful management panel, and an open forum hosted by Personify. Many thanks to the AMC Institute for a wonderful event.

Nolan and Brooks shared that they deeply appreciated the opportunity to share best practices, prioritize community, and gain valuable insights for managing associations in 2022 and beyond. For this reason and others, the AMC Source team actively engages with the association community throughout the year through various in-person and virtual events.

AMC Source's ongoing relationship with the AMC Institute further enriches events like this. Brooks currently serves on AMCI’s Accreditation and Standards Committee, which is charged with encouraging, supporting and equipping AMCs to attain accreditation by AMCI. AMC Source also earned and maintains accreditation through AMCI since March of 2021.


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