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AMC Source Congratulates Recent Grad - Alex Hernandez

AMC Source congratulates Marketing Specialist, Alex Hernandez (they/them), on completion of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Florida!

Alex is passionate about community organizing, reading, liberation psychology, and radical healing for queer and trans people of color. Their involvement on campus included leadership of the Pride Student Union as President of the group, as well as work with the QTPOC Collective as Co-Facilitator and student representative on the LGBTQ+ Presidential Advisory Committee. Alex also spearheaded the creation of UF's first LGBTQ+ living learning community. Additionally, Alex is a first-generation queer and trans college student.

After graduation in December, Alex is in the process of interviewing for counseling psychology and community psychology doctoral programs for the Fall 2022 term. They also continue to serve as a Marketing Specialist on the AMC Source team, specifically working with AMS platforms to format and design websites for accessible engagement, and providing social media management expertise to our clients. They also have interests in event planning, social media management, graphic design, and marketing strategies.

To learn more about our team's extensive qualifications, visit the Our Team page of our website.


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