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AMC Source Co-President Participates in Conversation on the AMC Model

This month, AMC Source Co-President, Gregory Brooks, participated in a Spring Tapas Talks panel discussion hosted by Qiqo Chat as a content leader and breakout room host. The theme, “AMCs share knowledge that satisfies,” centered on the questions of why contracting an AMC can be a smart business decision and how such partnerships give associations “the ability to play bigger” and lead more easily. Panelists included AMC professionals from around the country, including Tina Wehmeir, CMP, CAE, President and CEO of the AMC Institute, through which AMC Source and 80 other association management companies are accredited. Key moments of the event included discussion of staffing decisions, the education and kindness required for meaningful DEI efforts, the convenience of fractional services, and the increasing need for interim management during leadership gaps.

The main “Chef’s Table” session broke out into Zoom rooms wherein content leaders were able to have more personal discussions with participants. In the AMC Source breakout room, Brooks and AMC Source Senior Marketing Specialist, Eva Bracciale, facilitated an open discussion on the often-overlooked elements of a successful AMC-client match. “The RFP process if often geared towards quantitative measurements of AMC performance,” said Bracciale, “but savvy associations look a bit deeper to find goodness-of-fit in culture and core values shared by the AMC and the association.” Participants discussed some such values, including DEI, social responsibility, ownership of tasks, and healthy communication. Brooks shared that “AMC Source abides by a belief in adopting the identity of the client association, creating a seamless sense of teamwork and shared ownership of outcomes.” This is only possible when the AMC and the client are in sync in terms of values and missional orientation. Brooks went on to explain that association’s looking to build successful, long-term relationships with their AMCs will prioritize cohesion.

If your association is interested in exploring partnership with AMC Source, submit an RFP today to start the conversation!

AMC Source is a full-service accredited association management company with more than 20 years of experience advancing client missions through leadership collaboration, a clear mission, smart strategy, responsible management and goal achievement. Our record of leadership and success includes association startups, spinoffs, transitions, stabilization, growth and sustainability. Our clients are state, national, and international associations representing a wide range of professions and industries with a budget range of $100,000 to $5,000,000.


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