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Sharing is Caring: The AMC Source Culture

Every week, AMC Source team members file into a Zoom room for a standing weekly team call. The format of this call varies with the seasons, but a common element is woven into every weekly call: sharing. Most typically, the metaphorical microphone is passed around the Zoom gallery, with each team member sharing what they are working on that week, what they may need assistance with, and what challenges they are facing. This environment creates an opportunity for consideration of each other's workloads, as well as a spirit of collaboration. It is not uncommon for the meetings to turn into brainstorming sessions where challenges are solved with the help of multiple minds.

Other times, AMC Source Co-Presidents, Debra Nolan and Gregory Brooks, encourage team members to share uplifting sentiments, such as their word for the year, new year's resolutions, favorite summertime memories, or holiday traditions. "We've seen each other's baby pictures, swapped recipes for traditional dishes, learned about each other's vacation spots, and the list goes on," said Eva Bracciale, Senior Marketing Specialist and Finance Associate, "This was especially helpful during lockdowns when it could have been very easy to lose team spirit and company culture." At other times, the conversations have turned to important topics from the heart, including each team members' challenges during the pandemic, feelings in the wake of 2020's racially-motivated killings, and mental health practices.

As stated on our Core Values & Ethics page, "Just as AMC Source strives for excellence in its service to clients, the same holds true for providing a comfortable, professional, and engaging environment where team members are able to learn, grow, and enjoy their work." AMC Source is committed to fostering a healthy company culture through shared experiences, thoughts, and advice. Practices like our weekly team call reinforce core values of Genuine Regard for Others and Learning & Development, ultimately ensuring our clients receive excellence in association management.

Our world-class team of association professionals is ready to take your association to the next level. Submit an RFP today for a customized proposal detailing how AMC Source can serve your organization.

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