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AMC Source Observes Mental Health Awareness Month with Self-Care Session

At AMC Source, we believe in genuine regard for others, including our fellow team members and clients. In fact, this is one of our core values, and we strive to put it into practice every day. With Mental Health Awareness Month (May 1 – May 31) upon us, our team was challenged to apply this genuine regard for others to their own mental health for a special self-care coaching session that took place on Tuesday, May 4th during AMC Source’s weekly team call.

Corporate Health Coach, Julie Sanders, is passionate about supporting professionals in reducing stress and living healthy lifestyles. As part of her 1-hour session with the AMC Source team, Julie discussed some common challenges that professionals face every day. She specifically highlighted healthy habits for nutrition, sleep, exercise, and meditation. The AMC Source team was encouraged to prioritize self-care and guided through a rejuvenating meditation session before everyone jumped into a productive day of association management. AMC Source would like to thank Julie for her time, expertise, and positive impact on our team’s mental health.

Members of the AMC Source team expressed great appreciation for this restorative and informative learning opportunity. Dr. Sissy Meredith, AMC Source’s Head of Professional Development & LMS Implementation, commented saying, “the session was relevant and timely, especially considering the uncertainty we are experiencing in the world lately.”

To learn more about Mental Health Awareness Month and to find resources on the topic, visit

If you are interested in a Corporate Health Coaching session with Julie, she can be reached at


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