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Quick Tips for Zoom Meeting Set-Up and Hosting

1. Be prepared.

In the world of virtual programs, events, and experiences, it seems that nothing is certain but uncertainty itself. But, preparation is one of the most important steps in ensuring a successful event. Make sure to spend ample amounts of time preparing to optimize the experience for yourself, your presenters, and your audience. Pro tip: Always have a backup plan!

2. Remain flexible.

Life happens. Technology happens. Despite your preparation, unexpected things will inevitably happen. Flexibility, optimism, and a little bit of creativity go a far way in ensuring the success of your program.

3. Be accessible.

Ensure that your programs are accessible for all by implementing interpretation, live transcription, closed captioning, ASL interpretation, keyboard shortcuts, image descriptions, and more.

4. Know your audience.

Make sure to align the features of your program with your audience. Do they like attention getting graphics? Or, do they prefer content-focused transitions? Knowing the expectations and goals of your audience members is very important in delivering a quality program.

5. Know your group.

As important as it is to know your audience, it is equally important to also know your group. Remaining true to the brand, mission, and values of your organization or association is critical in all programming.

6. Be creative and engaging.

The past 18-months have yielded a variety of virtual programming and events. With such a surplus of content that exists, make sure to creatively engage your audience for the best results using polls, discussions, and other features.

7. Promote, promote, promote.

Be sure to market your virtual programs widely in order to attract your target audience. Successful marketing of programs can also increase the visibility of your organization or association, and attract additional interest in future activities.

8. Details are important.

From naming and branding, to follow-up emails, there are a number of ways to personalize the virtual event experience and bring additional credibility and professionalism to your program.

9. Comfort is key!

Hosting events in a virtual format is new to many of us - and can often feel very intimidating. Make sure that your presenters feel comfortable by offering guidance or practice sessions on your virtual platform.

10. Have fun.

Most importantly of all - HAVE FUN! Virtual events and programs offer a unique opportunity for engagement and can be a wonderful experience. As always, you can contact AMC Source for expert guidance on virtual events and programs so you can focus on the most important thing - having fun and enjoying your time!


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