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Ten Pro Tips for AMS Success

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

A Membership Management Software, or Association Management System (AMS), enables an association and its staff to manage, engage with, and grow membership bases with maximum efficiency. The system provides the organization with various functionalities, such as social media integration, newsletter/email management, join/renewal functions, event registration functions, website management, and more! Popular examples include MemberClicks and Naylor, both of which the AMC Source team is well-versed in administrating. If you are in the process of implementing an AMS, or are just looking for ways to optimize your existing system, check out these 10 “pro tips” for efficient and effective use of the system:

1) It is important to prioritize the initial setup of the system. If everything is set up properly in the beginning, there will be fewer issues to address in the future.

2) The AMS support team is your best friend. Reach out to them for help and advice. Do not be afraid to ask questions when you’re unsure how to do something. They are there to guide you in the right direction, and often serve as a very helpful resource.

3) Maintain open lines of communication with your finance team. You are likely to work somewhat closely with finance associates and will benefit from an existing relationship.

4) Maintain detailed procedures that can be used in the event that there are team transitions or if you just can’t remember how something is typically handled. Ensuring that instructions are thorough and accessible will minimize stress on you and your team.

5) Use the AMS to provide a clean, user friendly website. The front-end website presence is the first thing most members will see. Integrating this with the database provides the best route to maintaining fresh content and member-specific content driven from the database. Additionally, the cleaner and more clear the website is, the fewer member questions you will need to answer.

6) Creating events through your AMS is beneficial whether it is via in-person or virtual. Registering through the AMS makes for an easy and seamless process for both members and staff.

7) Gone are the days when a mass email to every member sufficed. With today's technology, associations should target communications to focused, smaller groups for maximum effectiveness. Of course, the AMS system will allow you to send to all contacts or just a few, but it is a good idea to know how and when to segment the group.

8) Most membership systems have a Listserv/e-list feature available. This is one of the most time-efficient pieces of the system. Members will often email your staff in hopes that you can send out a mass email on their behalf. With a Listserv/e-list, members can reach out to each other themselves, keeping you free to do other tasks.

9) AMS platforms collect and provide valuable member data, often allowing you to view analytics in convenient reports. Knowing who your members are helps you tailor content to their needs and understand how to target prospects that are most likely to engage with your membership.

10) Some AMS platforms, in addition to integrating databases, also provide abstract management systems and can service LMS platforms. These services contain options for polling, community forums, and continuing education for members.

To learn more about AMC Source's commitment to partnering with our clients in this area, speak with someone from our team today. If you're interested in implementing an Association Management System but don't know where to start, contact us! We'd love to assist.

This post is the fifth in AMC Source's "Quick Tips for Association Management" series, highlighting 10 quick tips for various functional areas within association management. Be sure to take a look at the other posts in this series today!


Executive Administrative Assistant

As AMC Source's Executive Administrative Assistant, Jodi's primary areas of responsibility include Member Services, Registration Support, Customer Relations and Office Administration. With 6 years of association experience, Jodi's background includes office management and customer service, as well as association administration and teaching/training of group classes. Jodi studied at Broward Community College and Fitness Institute International and maintains an active certification in property management. Learn more about Jodi and the amazing AMC Source team on the Our Team page of our website.


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