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Promoting a Balanced Workplace through Remote Yoga

Balance is important in association management work - literally and figuratively! For this reason, the AMC Source team spent some time during the busy end-of-year season to re-balance as a team through remote yoga.

Michele Carrion Yopps guides the AMC Source team through challenging but manageable yoga exercises
Michele Carrion Yopps guides the AMC Source team through challenging but manageable yoga exercises

On the morning of December 21st, the team was joined by yoga instructor, Michele Carrión Yopps of Michele Yoga & Wellness, LLC. Michele is a native New Yorker who aims to encourage students to fuel their creative core within the boundaries of a safe practice environment, and re-connect with their authentic selves via asana, meditation and breath. After twenty years as a media-marketing professional, Michele uses her business savvy and solid interpersonal skills to cross over into the healing realm that yoga provides. "We are going to create a little bit of mind and body awareness," Michele shared as she began the session, "we love the holidays, but with the holidays comes all kinds of stress as well - from the office, from your family, from yourself, from everything else that is going on in life - and just like at every other time in the year, we want to manage that. And we can do that. Stress for us is actually a good thing, it is how it is that we react and how we manage it that is super important.

Virtual yoga session
The AMC Source team is joined by remote yoga instructor, Michele Carrión Yopps

Genuine regard for others is a core value of AMC Source's. Taking time as a team to care for our mental and physical health is an important part of that fundamental commitment to the well-being of others. Through self-care activities and healthy workplace practices, AMC Source demonstrates the belief that excellent service to our clients begins with a happy and healthy team.

You can learn more about Michele's sessions at For more interesting stories about AMC Source's commitment to a balanced workplace, check out some of our recent blog posts.

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