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Networking, Learning, and Connecting at FSAE’s May South Florida Power Luncheon

Early this month, 11 of AMC Source’s South Florida team members gathered at the beautiful, beachside B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale for FSAE's May Power Luncheon. The largely remote team was delighted to gather for an in-person event with each other as well as new and longstanding colleagues in the South Florida association community. Attendees included non-profit leaders, vendors, hotel representatives, and, of course, the outstanding speaker.

May FSAE Power Luncheon Attendees

May FSAE Power Luncheon Presentation Lind

Frank Lind of Get The Edge Coaching Group delivered a timely and compelling talk titled “Secrets for Success: Extraordinary Insights from today’s Top Performers.” In his presentation, Frank encouraged attendees to consider how a change in mindset could affect goal achievement, positive outlook, and reaching personal and professional potential. We asked our team for some of their favorite takeaways. Here’s what they shared:

  • “Positive thinking is the greatest contributor to success. Negative thinking is the greatest threat.”

  • “Doing things that are scary to us provides opportunities to disarm the fear that holds us back from our full potential.”

  • “We have to feed our mind the right inputs to reap desirable outputs.”

  • “Reading every day, listening to inspiring audio, and learning new things are ways we can flush out negative thinking.”

  • “Letting fear (of failure, of change, of disappointment) dictate our decision-making will keep us from all the best opportunities.”

Frank’s new book The Business Mentor was gifted to a few attendees who are eager to learn more from Frank's insights and is available now where you buy your books. We sincerely appreciate the insights and inspiration Frank shared with our association community.

Check out the FSAE tag on our blog to read more stories about AMC Source’s rich relationship with the Florida Society of Association Executives. Looking to learn more about FSAE’s work and upcoming events in your area? Head over to their website today!

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