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Keeping Spirits Bright: Kicking Off the New Year with Community

What better way to kick off the new year than with community through a team lunch? Early this month, several of our team members met at our Fort Lauderdale office for a team lunch. As a predominantly remote team, these opportunities are cherished time to foster community, share laughs, and build camaraderie.

AMC Source team gathers for New Years Community time

In attendance were team members from across South Florida and beyond: 

  • Co-Presidents Debra S. Nolan, CAE, IOM and Gregory Brooks (Fort Lauderdale)

  • Rosie Rivera, Yana Sanabria, and Pamela Bastian (Fort Lauderdale Office Team)

  • Laura Caputo and Samantha Davis (Palm Beach County, Florida)

  • Samuel Pierrot (St. Lucie County, Florida)

  • Nyka Feldman (Fairfax County, Virginia)

At AMC Source, we know that world-class service begins with a strong culture of excellence and we know that moments of community strengthen culture. As we head into 2024, we are feeling recharged and ready to grow thanks to the strong support system we have in our team, near and far!


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