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AMC Source Attends August 2023 FSAE South Florida Roundtable

Greg Brooks and Joanna Berens speak to audience at FSAE Round Table

On a sunny August afternoon in Delray Beach, 30 local association professionals gathered at the beautiful Aloft Delray Beach property for the August 2023 FSAE South Florida Roundtable. Of those in attendance, 10 were AMC Source team members who were excited to connect with their FSAE colleagues and each other through discussion of an increasingly relevant topic: How to Start Producing Sustainable Events. The conversation was led by Joanna Berens, Immediate Past President and “Chief Zero Food Waste Enthusiast” at Sustainable Events Network, Florida & Caribbean (SENFC). “Joanna was a great speaker and content provider on sustainability!” Shared AMC Source Co-President, Gregory Brooks, "A big takeaway was knowing there are federal and state laws that provide protection for those who wish to avoid waste by donating leftover food.”

August 2023 FSAE Round Table

Indeed, Joanna shared that organizations can participate in the “Food Rescue Process” by following a few simple steps:

  1. Communicating with the venue that your organization would like approval and support for a food rescue, providing a copy of the “Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act” for reference, and confirming process, requirements, quantities, and equipment that may be needed.

  2. Communicating with the charity that your organization wishes to donate the food to, and

  3. Connecting the venue and the charity for logistics.

Our team is excited to be equipped with the tips and tools Joanna shared in her session, furthering AMC Source’s ability to provide event services that are not only world-class, but also world-bettering. Learn more about the important work that both SENFC and FSAE are doing in the non-profit community by visiting their websites today. You can also learn more about AMC Source’s commitment to making a difference on our blog.


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