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4 Money Management Tips to Help You Meet Your Business Goals

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

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Many business owners set ambitious goals for their companies—they may want to solve a big, thorny problem like climate change, or hit $1 million in revenue, or create a business that provides for their families and leaves a lasting legacy. But goals are the easy part. Business owners need systems to back them up.

Business owners not only need to make a great product or service, they need to market it and manage the financial side of the business in order to succeed. “A lot of business owners have a great mission, they know what they want to do but they have no system for how to get there,” says Patrice Washington, a financial expert and coach who helps women create systems, structures and strategy to accelerate their business success.

In particular, “The money management part is critical for any business to be successful,” adds Gregory Brooks, president of AMC Source, an association management company, and executive director of Institute of Management Consultants USA.

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