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Ten Important Insurances Your Association Should Consider

Insurance can be a challenge to navigate for associations. Recognizing the risks to cover and the appropriate types of policies to place is the first step in ensuring your association is protected.

As an AMCI accredited firm, AMC Source suggests the following coverages as identified in the AMCI Standard:

  1. General Liability – Known as a key business insurance, General Liability covers your organization for claims involving bodily injury or property damage resulting from your operations. This could include a variety of claims including a slip and fall or damage caused to a rented premises.

  2. Property – Covering property such as equipment, inventory and buildings, Property Coverage can offer repair or replacement following damage.

  3. Valuable Papers – In the event of a covered loss, Valuable Papers (often included in Property Coverage) helps restore or replace important documents that are damaged or destroyed.

  4. Employee Dishonesty – Given the due diligence performed in hiring, an employee theft is often a surprise. If an employee steals from your organization, Employee Dishonesty helps pay for an associated loss. This coverage is included in Crime policies.

  5. Money and Securities – In the event your organization loses money due to theft or destruction, whether at your office or in transit, this coverage may provide reimbursement. This coverage is included within Crime policies.

  6. Computer Equipment and Data – This coverage (often included in Property Coverage) protects the physical computer and software against property perils such as fire, theft, water damage, etc. The coverage can restore or replace electronic data that has been destroyed or corrupted by a covered cause of loss.

  7. Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability – Did you know that a volunteer who causes a car accident while traveling to a Board Meeting could expose your organization to the risk of lawsuit? Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability can offer protection to your organization for this type of exposure.

  8. Worker’s Compensation – Specifically for organizations with employees, Worker’s Compensation offers coverage for employees providing wage replacement and medical treatment, along with other benefits for employees injured on the job. This coverage protects your employees but also your organization.

  9. Errors and Omissions – If you are in the business of providing a service for a fee, Errors and Omissions insurance protects you and your organization from claims for negligent acts, errors or omissions occurring while providing that service.

  10. Cyber Liability – Have you been the victim of a cyber breach? Has your company? If so, you may be familiar with not only the cost of restoration of your platform, but also the loss of income and the cost of notifying parties whose data has been affected by the breach. Cyber Liability coverage helps protect your organization from such exposure.

Ask your association's licensed insurance agent about these coverages to find out which ones may be right for you. To learn more about AMC Source's commitment to partnering with our clients in this area, speak with someone from our team today.

This post is the second in AMC Source's "Quick Tips for Association Management" series, highlighting 10 quick tips for various functional areas within association management. Be sure to take a look at the other posts in this series today!


Finance Director

Lisa Marburger serves as AMC Source's Finance Director. Her primary role is to provide financial administration, database design, and human resources support. Lisa has worked in Private Client Investment Services, Strategic Management of Construction and Development as well as Finance and Operations Management of Not for Profit entities. Learn more about Lisa and the amazing AMC Source team on the Our Team page of our website.


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