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A Successful Season of Association Meetings and Events

Updated: May 5, 2023

With Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 in the rearview mirror, the AMC Source Meetings & Events Team is reflecting on and celebrating a notable return to in-person experiences. Members, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and others see and embrace the value of face-to-face connection and it is a joy to see!

Map of recent AMC Source Meetings & Events

In the last two quarters, AMC Source managed 14 association meetings and events, stretching from sea to shining sea! Host cities included Louisville, D.C., Denver, Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Boston, Boone, Tulsa, Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, and Seattle. Sizes and models of the events also varied, from intimate board meetings to 1,200-attendee annual conferences. For many, these meetings were the first in-person convenings in over 3 years.

In reflecting on the value of this season, our team has gleaned several valuable insights, including the state of in-person gatherings and the value of flexible meeting planning:

In-Person Association Meetings and Events Are Back

AMC Source’s unique positioning within national and local association communities gives us a real-time pulse on association meeting trends, and it is clear that in-person meetings are back. While meetings may look different than they did pre-pandemic, it is possible to provide an unforgettable opportunity to reconnect when a meeting planning team is well-versed in precautionary measures, nuances of event insurance, and rapid response procedures.

The Value of Flexible Meeting Planning for Associations

With greater reach and more resources than ever, the AMC Source Meeting & Events Team has concluded that flexibility and proficiency in varying meeting models is still of great value, even after the return to in-person experiences. Offering clients in-person, online, and hybrid options maximizes accessibility and the client’s freedom to select the most appropriate model for unique membership cultures.

To learn about how AMC Source can help you ensure your association's event is a success for all stakeholders, submit an RFP today!

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