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Say 'Yes' to LMS! Ten ways LMS implementation benefits you!

There is no doubt that virtual learning is here to stay. And there is no better place for associations to feature, archive and assess association resources than in a learning management system (LMS). At AMC Source, we have spent years working with clients to ensure timely and robust programming. But how do we help with LMS implementation and programming efforts? Here are our top 10 ways we can help you create an informative and effective learning experience for your members using an LMS:

We can connect:

1. Already-existing platforms like Zoom, Adobe or Connect to your LMS for seamless production and archive efforts;

2. Other learning resources to your LMS by creating a resource or knowledge center – for live and archived events, as well as store files ( PDF) and graphics;

3. Continuing Education credits and connect it to custom-made assessments, evaluations and certifications;

4. Your team and association members by sending regular surveys to confirm members’ learning needs are being met;

5. Your members to updated announcements and resources by regularly updating your LMS messaging;

6. Your members to virtual events via registration, announcements and programming via the LMS; and

7. Learning needs and strategy by accessing LMS reports to determine progress and retention, and the types of association resources that are and should be in development;

And what it can become is your go-to-source for reinforcing:

8. Association brand and image;

9. The need to upskill and reskill your membership; and

10. The need to stay in tune with member needs.

An LMS can provide one-stop-learning to streamline resources and be your members’ go-to source for educational and professional resources. The LMS also can help to administer, document, track, and report LMS activity.


Head of Professional Development & LMS Implementation

At AMC Source, Dr. Sissy Meredith leads professional development and learning management system implementations. Dr. Meredith has served on various national committees that address learning; professional and organizational development; public policy affecting college campuses; DEI; HR transformation; leadership; mentoring; and faculty models that support student success. In addition, she has founded several competency frameworks and numerous original learning resources; and knows what it takes to build virtual presence in the form of online courses and knowledge centers, and conferences, webinars, and virtual workshops. Learn more about Dr. Meredith and the AMC Source team by visiting the Our Team page of our website!

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